New Year New Challenge

New Year New Challenge

Last Thursday, when I was at our routine Happy Hour after a whole week’s struggling, I talked to a prospective student. 

I said earnestly, “There has never been a time in my life like my time at the GSM. Everyday, I wish it could last longer, and if it could, I would cherish every moment of it”. The prospective student was so impressed with my claim that I realized it’s time to write something, to share my feelings with those who are looking forward to an MBA life, especially for those from abroad.

In my previous career life, I was so confident and was always ready to be #1 in everything. I was once the youngest middle class manager in one of the largest banks in China. I proudly remember my boss saying, “It seems that Wen Wen owns the ability to transfer crisis to opportunity.”But, when I was applying for the Ambassador position last quarter, I told the interviewers, my life turned out to be a mess since I arrived in the States, and it was true. I have hundreds of not just “to do”s but “MUST DO”s. I can’t understand what my American classmates are laughing at most of the time. As I got to know my classmates, I was shocked by all of their talents. The worst thing was, no one understood what I was trying to say. I am still so sorry for my group work last quarter. Then it came: The Nightmare. In the first quiz of my Finance class, I got 19 out of 28; the mean was 22. I was driven crazy because I had worked in banks for eight years! How could this have happened? Then I discovered I missed the whole last page of the quiz. So the morning of the Ambassador’s interview, I still had ten or twelve things to do, I was struggling because I knew my inferiority in English expressions, and while I wanted to quit, wanted to stay home and pull the covers up over my head, the me from my previous life won the battle. I wasn’t going to quit.I told myself I should do it, or I would be more disappointed in myself than before.

The good news was, I got the position! Everything turned to be better from that magic day. I earned confidence gradually. And with the improvement of my English, the whole world became clearer. The Articulation professor suggested that I focus more on my “proper grammar and common expressions”. (But he can’t stop me from writing a blog!)

Time passed so fast, especially in a ten-week quarter. When I sat on the beach in winter break, trying to come to a conclusion about the lessons I had learned in my first quarter in the States, I found I had learned so much. Thanks for my dear native classmates, for the faculty and staff, for my friends and fellow ambassadors. Everyone is so nice, and so willing to help me. I need to push myself more to not let them down.

Now it’s the second week of winter quarter, I am taking five classes and two ESL workshops this quarter. I am officially in charge of the social media ambassador job. I practice dance, horseback riding, golf and tennis every week. I plan to attend multiple speeches, parties and events. I am planning the Chinese New Year party for the whole GSM. And above all, I am looking for the summer internship. Yes, I am much more busy than last quarter. But, I feel so good. I am in my fastest speed towards my “Best Version”.

So that’s my story of the first year MBA life. If I can survive, you can too. And by the way, I got an A in my Finance class, good for me.