UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center


As Dustin mentioned below, we are fresh off of Spring Break. As you might imagine, graduate school Spring Breaks don’t quite feel like their undergraduate predecessors.

We are all older, wiser (arguable), and less inclined to stay up until 3am to watch World Cup soccer live from Germany. Last week I found myself hard at work on some projects for the Energy Efficiency Center and enjoying every minute of it.

When people ask me what I am focusing on in B-school, I give the canned response, “marketing and entrepreneurship.” What I really feel like saying, however, sounds more like, “I am focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship with a double major in energy efficiency.” Sure, my diploma won’t mention Energy Efficiency, but the experience I have gained during my two years at Davis are absolutely unique to the B-school process. The GSM is directly linked to the Energy Efficiency Center and the Center for Entrepreneurship. My colleagues and I have gotten real experience trying to accelerate time-to-market for tangible emerging technologies. The GSM and the EEC may feel small, but the reach is large and only growing. There are a few other B-schools joining the energy efficiency center waggon, but the GSM has been a definite first mover.

As I prepare for the onset of senioritis, I find myself more and more thankful for the opportunities that the GSM provides beyond the classroom. MBA’s are valuable no matter which school you choose, but the opportunity to make a difference in the realm of clean technology during school is not ubiquitous.

Back to Spring Break. I might not be an undergrad anymore, but I still found it pretty easy to sleep-in all week. I’m not going to lie, Spring Break is still awesome.