Paving the Road to Success

Paving the Road to Success

While many MBA students simply talk about wanting to run a company someday, Ryan Lore (MBA14) is putting his education to work today as the CEO of Roadwise Technologies (

Roadwise is a company that aims to harvest currently wasted energy from the asphalt we drive on every day. The team led by Lore consists of UC Davis students and alumni in the fields of law, chemistry and engineering. Roadwise has developed proprietary technology, DynaFilm, a thin film that integrates thermoelectric and piezoelectric nanomaterials, which can be installed beneath roadways and parking lots to capture wasted energy – up to 1.5 MWh for every five miles of highway – enough to power 1,200 homes. In addition to developing strategic partnerships with private construction companies, Roadwise has also teamed up with CALTRANS.

Paving the Road to SuccessLast year, Lore and his team placed third in the 2012 UC Davis GSM Big Bang! Business Plan Competition, taking home the People’s Choice Award. This past Thursday on January 24th, Lore presented his company to a group of investors at the 2013 Big Bang! Mock Pitch Event, where teams gearing up to participate in this year’s competition were given a first-hand look at what it takes to develop, build and pitch a successful technology start-up company. Showing the poise of a seasoned entrepreneurial veteran, Lore set a high bar for this year’s competitors to meet, using the skills learned during his first quarter of business school to take his company to the next level.

BigBang! Business CompetitionIf you haven’t heard, the Big Bang! is an annual business plan competition that provides a year round forum in which UC Davis students, alumni, staff and faculty can collaborate to develop and test their business vision and plans. Run by an exemplary team of GSM students, the competition provides a network of resources for mentorship, team creation, education, networking and financing for these aspiring entrepreneurs. Bring your ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, and get ready to compete!

Stay tuned for more news on Roadwise Technologies as Lore and his team continue on their road to success. For more information on this year’s Big Bang! Business Plan Competition, visit their website at (Team registration is due by February 15th).