Picnic Day 2012

Picnic Day 2012

Last week, I talked about all the Picnic Day hype buzzing around campus. This week, I can tell you that Picnic Day 2012 did not disappoint.

To say that it was warm outside on the big day is a gross understatement. It was HOT. But the sunshine didn’t stop the masses from hitting up all the family-fun activities at UC Davis’ yearly open house.

The Picnic Day Parade kicked-off the day. The parade route wound its way around campus as the crowds enthusiastically cheered them on. The GSM proudly marched in “business on the top, party on the bottom” ensembles. Don’t they look good?

Picnic Day 2012After the parade, the crowds dispersed all over campus to check out the many events. The Chemistry Magic Show was a big hit- you should have seen the line! The Doxie Derby, as usual, was also a crowd-pleaser. Between the racing Dachshunds and the air conditioning, the Pavilion was full.

The Frisbee dogs and sheep-herding dogs were nothing to scoff at either! The Battle of the Bands on Lake Spafford was also pretty dang awesome. This year’s participants included the University of California, Irvine; University of California, San Diego; Humboldt State; Stanford University and the largest group, the UCD Band-uh. The bands rocked out as they played upbeat, recognizable classics until closing time.

All-in-all, Picnic Day was good fun! I’m already looking forward to next year…