The Quest for the Golden Briefcase
Annual Challenge4Charity Sports Weekend

On April 19th, 25 UC Davis students and alumni banded together to take part in the 29th Annual C4C Sports Weekend. We competed in 11 of the 28 events, and though we did not win the coveted Golden Briefcase, we came out of the competition with great memories and everyone is excited to return in 2014.

The Quest for the Golden Briefcase The Quest for the Golden Briefcase

The Golden Briefcase is awarded each year to the school whose C4C program raised the most money per capita, volunteered the most per capita, and earns the most points in the annual sports weekend.  We didn’t win but we still had a ton of fun! Our coed volleyball team came in third AND we raised more money and volunteered more hours than last year.  Let’s keep up that momentum for next year!

Challenge for Charity (C4C) at UC Davis volunteers and fundraises for the Special Olympics of Northern California, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento, and Sacramento Habitat for Humanity. The great thing about these organizations is they provide us with opportunities to do more than just clean up parks.  This year, we handed out awards at Special Olympics sporting events, barbequed for the Boys & Girls Club parties, and helped at Habitat for Humanity build sites.

In addition to volunteering events, we also plan a number of other events. Our big fundraising event is our Charity Wine Auction, which this year will be co-hosted by ASM at Casino Royale 2013 (the most fun event you’ll attend all year!).  We also host a friendly game of Assassins in Winter Quarter, and this year it took over two months to declare a winner!  We are also currently exploring the idea of setting up a Davis 5K next spring.

Each and every volunteering opportunity is a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to introducing the incoming first years to Challenge for Charity.

Remember: it’s for the kids!

The Quest for the Golden Briefcase The Quest for the Golden Briefcase The Quest for the Golden Briefcase