Random Tidbits

Random Tidbits

I have had the most serious case of writer’s block (perhaps ever, and that’s absolutely, positively, 1000% not hyperbole) in attempting to write a ground-breaking post.

And now that way too much time has gone by, I decided to just aim for getting some words out into a post, regardless of whether or not they are coherent. So here we go — just some random, garbled tidbits about Davis that may or may not be mildly interesting.

* For great chai: I know I am the last person to discover this, but there is a little coffee hut right outside of our building, and they serve some great chai latte. I just went there for the first time last week, and wow. I got bummed that I hadn’t been drinking this during my first quarter here. (Also: you can order it extra hot so it keeps warm throughout class. Genius!)

* How the quarter system is: We are currently at the tail-end of week 7 (out of 10) in the winter quarter. This is a little scary, considering that means that finals are right around the corner. Now, I’m almost positive that we just started this quarter, like, a week ago, so I’m not quite sure how we’re suddenly on week 7. Where’s a physicist when you need them? Maybe Dan from “Lost”? Shoot, I think he’s still on the island.

* How people here will help those in need: I’m not talking about us helping the children (although we actually do that — check out the C4C club here) — I’m talking about helping us students who are struggling in classes. For instance, just today, there was a finance review session to help out those who are finding some finance concepts difficult — even though technically we don’t have a TA for the class. The grader for the class volunteered his time again to help us out throughout the quarter. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard students offer to help out those who are feeling overwhelmed. This place is really supportive; I love it.

* The hardest quarter: Winter quarter of your first year is the hardest quarter. Trust. The classes are rigorous, the first years take over the club positions from the second years at the beginning of this quarter (so there’s suddenly lots of club responsibilities), and students begin to get panicky about finding internships and jobs. It’s a tough quarter. Also, the weather fluctuates from 55F degrees and pouring rain to near 70F and sunny within a day — it just adds to the confusion, really.

* When to look for housing: Now. Right now. Instead of reading this post, you should be looking for housing. I thought I had a head start on the housing market when I looked in April (to find a place for September), and boy, was I wrong. Most of the places I called said their waitlists filled up in January. January! So check out daviswiki to find what places are available in Davis, and read the reviews to see what’s good and what’s not.

That’s all I can think of for now. Peace out and have a great weekend!


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