School is in Session!School is in Session!

School is in Session!

Welcome back everybody! This is shaping up to be a pretty exciting fall quarter. All of the 2nd years have been assigned their Integrated Management Projects and we’re working with some amazing companies.

This week we have a guest post from Mark, a fellow Ambassador. Read on!

My team and I will be heading to SF next week to meet with executives at the company we will be working with. For more information about the IMPACT curriculum, check out

In addition to this exciting consulting project and regular classes (I’m taking Marketing Strategies, CRM and Investment Analysis), there have been plenty of other fun events going on around campus. Bill Clinton was on campus today delivering a powerful speech to the student body. He spoke about student loans, the job market, and the United States economy. I’m sure videos will be on Youtube soon. Slightly more exciting for me though, was last night, after studying at my favorite local coffee shop, I walked over to Sofia’s and got to see one of my favorite bands, Head and The Heart, rock out at Sofia’s.

Alright, back to studying…