Snow Day 2010

We might all be really busy with school, clubs, and the rest of our responsibilities at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, but we somehow found the time to take a weekend off and head up to the mountains.

Snow Day 2010Snow Day 2010Snow Day 2010Snow Day 2010Snow Day 2010

The Snow Day Committee (an amazing group of students) planned a wonderful weekend for us in North Lake Tahoe.Of course the trip ended up occurring after the stormiest week of the season so far, so there was some anxiety about getting up to the cabins on the night of Thursday, Jan. 21, but everyone made it up safely and happily by Friday.

Most of us couldn’t wait to hit the slopes. While I prefer the comfort of a warm cabin over descending a mountain at reckless speeds, I heard the conditions were some of the best anyone had ever seen. I spent the day relaxing with some of my classmates, but was treated to stories from the mountain when many other exuberant but exhausted ones got back. Aside from hearing about the best runs (and spills!) of the day, I heard that my fellow Ambassador Jimmy has the impressive talent of being able to eat a sandwich while skiing down a mountain (see top photo). The things you learn about your classmates!

With 5 cabins each full of 10 people, there was plenty of mixing and mingling to be done. On Friday night, two of our program’s best chefs prepared a delicious dinner of tri-tip and salad and hand-selected a variety of wines to sample. Despite some minor glitches (like the power going out for somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours), the rest of the weekend was just as successful. I’m already looking forward to Snow Day 2011!