Study Exchange Perspective
Laura Kaarina Kiltila is an international exchange student from Finland who studied at the Graduate School of Management in Winter 2017

I arrived to Davis at the beginning of January in 2017. I didn’t know anyone in the town and I remember to be a bit nervous. I found out that Davis was a small college town and quite rainy during that time (don’t worry, I just had bad luck with the weather). Still, the study exchange in Graduate School of Management was amazing and inspiring experience! Now I will explain why I highly recommend Davis for students who are willing to have a study exchange in a great university and have a possibility to explore California.

What a great university

Beforehand I had high expectations of studying in the university in the USA, since after all American studying culture is well known around the world. I must say that the Graduate School of Management managed to even exceed my personal expectations! I participated in four very interesting courses that supported my studies in Finland. The quality of teaching was extremely good and we had small class sizes. That way interaction with the professor and other classmates was effective and we had lot of interesting discussions during the classes. I liked that all my classes included team projects, cases, essays and presentations instead of traditional exams. That was a good way to get to know my classmates and improve skills that I will need for example in the working life.

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Super friendly people

People in Graduate School of Management and in Davis in general are very friendly! It was easy to get to know my classmates and I hang out a lot with my lovely roommates.


Davis has a very nice location in the Northern California. It’s easy to drive or take an Uber to Sacramento and I also spent some weekends in San Francisco that is not far away either. If you like skiing you can visit Tahoe as well! In addition, I flew to Las Vegas and visited Southern California, like Los Angeles and San Diego. There is so much to see in California and studying in Davis gives you a great opportunity to explore it!


Davis is a small but cute college town. I personally appreciated that Davis is so safe town to live and it’s easy to travel everywhere by bike. I had university’s gym on the other side of the road and a food store was only less than one mile away. I survived my whole exchange easily without a car! Thereby Davis is easy and nice place to live and study.

American culture

Of course, this study exchange gave me some great experiences of American culture. I was excited to experience Super Bowl, go to watch NBA basketball game, eat American food etc. But not just that! This study exchange gave me amazing opportunity to learn more about American business culture and for example I visited Silicon Valley and some big American companies, like Airbnb.

So all in all, I truly enjoyed my time in Davis and I can highly recommend this experience for others as well! I learned a lot, met super nice people and created great connections! Thank you Davis!


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