Summer Internship Series: ModclothSummer Internship Series: Modcloth

Summer Internship Series: Modcloth

Jessa wrapped up her internship at Modcloth. Find out how it’s going:

Big news today!  The interns were included in Modcloth by the numbers.  Check out my photo in the Modcloth blog.  Internship is starting to wrap up, only 2 more weeks to go.  I presented by findings and recommendations to our CMO yesterday.  My ideas were well received, but sadly I won’t be here in time to see them in place.   That’s the problem with an internship… it’s over too quick.  I do have some international localization content that goes into effect next week, so watch out Australian and Canadian Modcloth shoppers, we are making it a better shopping experience for YOU!

The internship has helped me focus on my studies for my last year.  I want to take a few more quant-based classes and become an Excel guru.  Things just go faster when you have Excel mastered.  I am also getting really excited for our C4C weekend.  I was discussing it with my fellow interns from Haas and it is going to be a blast!