Internship at Apple

Summer Internship Series: My Internship at Apple

Next up, we hear from Deepti, who landed an internship at Apple! Find out how it’s going…

I am about to complete 6 weeks at Apple and my journey so far has been really fantastic. I am part of the Retail Fulfillment and Logistics team, which is responsible for keeping the retail stores all across the globe stocked. So, next time you walk into an Apple Store and you don’t find your favorite Apple products please don’t get mad at me! I know we are so amazing that everyone wants to buy our stuff. Isn’t that true?!

My task this summer, called the Slow Runner project, would allow Apple to access, which of the Third Party Products (3PP) are not selling well and not generating enough revenue. Then, the merchants and planners, who decide the assortment in the store, could decide to hold fewer inventories of those SKUs in the back-of-house of the store.

The day I started working on this project, I was amazed how well the concepts taught in the Supply Chain class and Operations Efficiency class apply to the real world. All the technical terms seemed familiar, and I was actually able to incorporate some of my learnings to my work.  The task is enjoyable and I also get weekends off, unlike school where we had some assignments or exams due every week.

Apple is actually a cool company. Just like its products and the feel of those products, Apple believes in providing a well-rounded experience to all the employees. The most interesting part of the internship, except for the discount on Apple products :), is the special events organized for the interns wherein we can talk to the top executive of the company and these are very informal. I attended one such session and met Deirdre O Brien, VP Operations. I was charmed by her enthusiasm and energy. She joined Apple right after her graduation and has been with the company since then. She said that she enjoys coming to work everyday, and I am sure she left a mark on every intern who attended that session.

Well, the thrill continues and I have six more weeks to go!