Summer Internship Series: My Internship at IBM

Second year MBA student Brian Kroopf is representing the GSM halfway across the country. Read on to hear a first-hand account of his excellent internship.

I am interning with IBM in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  While at first I was concerned about up and moving to Minneapolis (a city I have never visited) for the summer, I realized that IBM is a great company, and it is important to be flexible if you want to work for a specific company- especially be flexible for the summer.  It turns out Minneapolis is a great city.  The weather is amazing and the people are really nice.  I have yet to go to a Twins game, but it is on my list of things to do.

My internship is a client representative role, which is essentially an account management role.  My group’s clients are public sector healthcare clients in Minnesota, and this primarily consists of two very large companies; one is a provider and the other is a payer.  I am working on a number of different small projects and one large project.

The small projects consist of helping IBM to understand the ever changing organizational charts of the client, putting together RFPs, researching IBM solutions that could be helpful to the clients, and organizing a communication plan so that we know which IBMers will be the point person for the various contacts within the client company.  

The large project is researching IBM’s Smarter Building solution and presenting this to one of the clients.  IBM Smarter Buildings is a software solution that is able to obtain huge amounts of data from buildings and present this data to facilities manager.  They can use this data to tremendously cut down on energy usage.  This can ultimately save the company millions of dollars.  I have done all of my research and put together some supporting documentation to back up the value of this solution.  We are now in the process of arranging a meeting with the client to sit down and demonstrate how the solutions work.

I am very happy I chose to work for IBM and hope to obtain a full time position upon completion of my MBA.