Semicon West 2012

Summer Internship Series: My Trip to SEMICON West 2012

….and my internship journey continues!

The highlight of last week was my visit to SEMICON West 2012!!  

Semicon West 2012

Early bird registration ended a long time ago, and I although the idea of attending crossed my mind, paying $150 for a ticket did not fit into my poor-student budget.  While discussing the event with my manager, he offered to get me a pass!  You can bet I jumped at his suggestion right away! 

Semicon West 2012

SEMICON West is the annual semiconductor exhibition held in San Francisco.  It is the flagship event for the global microelectronics industry.  Exhibits featured included products, technical sessions, and solutions focused on the design and manufacture of semiconductors, MEMS, LEDs, photovoltaics, printed and flexible electronics and related technologies.  This year marks the 42nd SEMICON West.  And to make the event even more exciting, SEMICON West was again co-located with Intersolar North America!

Undeterred by the morning rush-hour traffic, I arrived at the heart of Downtown San Francisco bright and early.  When the doors opened at 10AM, I got my badge and the essential free bag (for the inevitable collection of brochures and catalogs), and proceeded through the door to the many wonders and new information of the ever-volatile semiconductor world.  

Various vendors from my previous work experience displayed their latest tools and technologies, and I spent many happy hours picking the brains of fellow engineers and techie experts.

One big surprise I discovered while strolling through the many aisles was a few fellow countrymen (and women)!! 

Semicon West 2012

There was an aisle for Malaysian companies and institutions at SEMICON West; there to make our country proud!  Of course I wasted no time expanding my network and speaking Bahasa to everyone and anyone I could connect with. 

The exhibitors from the booth above even offered me Malaysian-style tea, brought all the way from good ol’ Malaysia!  I was super stoked to have unexpectedly met these friendly fellow Malaysians!

Semicon West 2012

At 5PM, I left SEMICON West with tired feet, my head reeling with information.  Oh yes, and not to forget a very, very full bag of catalogs, brochures, reading materials, name cards and miscellaneous free souvenirs.  Can’t wait to see if I will be back again next year!