Summer Internship Series: StubHub!

I’m nearly at the half-way point of my StubHub internship and the time has flown by. Living in San Francisco for the summer has been an exciting and new experience. StubHub has proven to be a great place to work; it retains some elements of its start-up culture but also has the resources of being a part of eBay, Inc.


There are approximately 20 interns working in my office and another 120+ at the various eBay companies around the Silicon Valley. The backgrounds and career paths of my fellow interns are incredibly diverse. eBay has done a great job coordinating get-togethers and events for the entire intern class.

I’m on the Trust & Safety team, researching elements of buyer and seller fraud in StubHub’s online marketplace. The position is a perfect fit because I’m able to apply what I’ve learned from both my undergraduate and MBA educations. I didn’t realize that such opportunity for MBA students existed in eCommerce but I’m quickly learning that the GSM’s core curriculum classes are readily applicable.