Summer Internships

Summer Internships

It’s on every student’s mind even before the start of the MBA program. Ambassadors get asked this question constantly, second year students are grilled about what they did and how they got it and career services makes sure you’re aware of it – even dubbing it your fifth class. The issue? Summer internships.

What you do during the summer is critically important. It sets the path for your second year at the GSM and is the opportunity to network for a full-time job. In summation, it’s a period of three months that you will have to discuss with friends, family, the incoming class to the GSM, and future employers. This conversation will likely pop up repeatedly over the years, as these groups of people will all want to know the details of the summer and what it meant for you.

The main struggle is managing your class work, club activities, and the interview process (usually with multiple organizations at the same time). The added stress comes from the unknown factors: where will the position be located, will it be paid, and how will you fit with the team you are about to join. But these are details you won’t have the answers to until you find the right position for you.

So, in this competitive environment, how do you get an internship? And more importantly, how do you make sure it’s the right one for you? Career services is a great place to start, but they can only help you, not actually get you one. The majority of the responsibility is in your hands. Some GSMers found the right opportunities by the end of winter quarter using the UC Davis GSM career website as a source of potential positions; I wasn’t in this group.

For me, I had to network and leverage a current endeavor into a summer internship. Working with the Energy Efficiency Center at UC Davis throughout the school year has turned into a summer long opportunity to learn about the energy field, consult for clients, and potentially publish a research paper. This supports my path to merge healthcare (my past experience and education) and energy efficiency.

However you find it, it’s a sigh of relief once you have your internship. With that out of the way, you can focus the rest of the quarter on academics, clubs, and preparation for the summer fun!