Tahoe Weekend

Tahoe Weekend

The only thing brighter than the sun might be my spirits. Somehow, in the middle of a chaotic quarter filled with too many classes and too little time our entire community has found time to travel up to Tahoe for a weekend of fun in the snow. And how the weather gods approve!

It’s 65 in Tahoe… in FEBRUARY!

The sky doesn’t look like a scatterplot – there’s not a single cloud in the sky. I’m not calculating the net present value of investing $95 into the weekend. I’m not thinking about maximizing my utility on the slopes. Actually, it’s time for everyone to turn off their smartphones, shut down their laptops, disconnect from the network and leave school far, far behind. I’m immersed in my community minus the school for a full weekend.

There’s something magical that happens when MBA students drop the MBA part of their title for longer than a few hours at a time. Our class age drops from a median of 28 to a median of 16 – the goofy little kid in everyone comes out to play in the snow.

You want to see two grown men fight over top bunk? Come to Snow Weekend. You want to argue about which cabin is the “fun” cabin? Come to Snow Weekend. You want to be woken up at 5 AM to blasting music and snickering housemates? Come to Snow Weekend.

Although the crisp Tahoe air and pristine slopes provide good reason to come up to the snow, it is the change in the temperament of my community that brings me back to this place. We laugh louder. The play harder. We even eat better – courtesy of Executive Chef “Potter” Weber of course!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a student. I choose to go to class and be engaged. I chose to quit my job and pay tuition. But Snow Weekend reminds me of the most important reason I’m here – to build lifelong relationships with the greatest people on earth. Cheers GSM: to a great 2011!