Tech Entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa: The Most Innovative Decade in Human History

At our latest UC Davis BAx Meetup on Dec. 5, technology entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa shared why he believes this will be the most innovative decade in human history.

“The topic triggered deep discussion on where we should draw the line for the technologies in the future.”

Technology entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa Wadhwa speaks from a unique experience in academia and business. A distinguished fellow at Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering, he is co-founder of Startup Chile, which is the leading accelerator in Latin America. Wadhwa is a globally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post and Huffington Post. He’s also been recognized on Time Magazine’s “Tech 40” list as well as the Financial Times’ “Ten Men Worth Emulating.”

He explained how exponentially advancing technologies—in fields such as robotics, AI, computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine and nanomaterials—will enable us to start solving humanity’s grand challenges.

“The talk was informative, gave us an overarching nature of tech, particularly AI and robotics,” said MSBA student Sharad Jain. “These talks though don’t have any job association in particular but are really helpful in exposing us to new ideas.”

During Wadhaw’s presentation, students asked if technologies would disrupt industries that are manual-oriented. Wadhwa said many industries will be disrupted over the next few years, including finance, insurance, health care, manufacturing, transportation, education, IT services and communications. He said this is not all bad news because disruption creates opportunities.

He said new industries will emerge, and companies that lead the change will amass trillion-dollar market capitalizations, such as 3D printing and robotics, which will enable manufacturing to return to the U.S.

“The topic triggered deep discussion on where we should draw the line for the technologies in the future. That’s interesting to think about when we start to learn about big data,” said MSBA student Beichuan Liu.

This BAx Meetup event is just one in our student-led networking series that complements the UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics core curriculum. As student leaders representing the newest degree in the Graduate School of Management, we will continue to hold such meetups to help expand on our classroom learning and to see first-hand how business and data analytics are implemented in top companies.

The MSBA program’s home in the heart of San Francisco is the perfect environment to foster innovation in data analytics and to explore the relationships between data and business. Centrally located in the Big Data capital of the world, the UC Davis MSBA program provides innumerable opportunities to connect with trailblazing business analytics professionals and thought leaders.

We thank Vivek Wadhwa for his time, insights and answering our questions.