Top Four Reasons Why I Chose UC Davis Graduate School of Management

Since becoming an UC Davis MBA Ambassador, I was frequently asked “Why did you choose UC Davis?” Like everyone who applies to business school, I had specific preferences. One of my top considerations was to find an MBA program with small class sizes. I’d like to share the top four reasons why I chose the UC Davis MBA program.

1. Small Class Size

As an undergraduate, in a sea of other undergrads, I rarely had a chance to interact with my fellow students. However, the UC Davis MBA program is relatively small, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect in many ways. I’ve had opportunities to learn about my fellow students’ backgrounds, life stories, personalities and even meet some of their families. We spend so much time together studying and living life that we form a strong bond. You quickly find that that UC Davis is a great place to make life-long friends.

2. Class Diversity

Although the size of the class is small, UC Davis MBA program is very diverse. My fellow students came from around the world and have varying backgrounds. Unlike most undergraduate programs, UC Davis MBA students often learn as much from each other as we do from our faculty. By understanding others’ cultures and world views, I’m also preparing to be a better global business leader.

3. Strong bond with alumni

The Graduate School of Management has a very tight-knit, 3,900+ alumni network. This small number may deter some prospective students from the program, but there is an advantage for students. As a student, I’ve developed strong bonds with the alumni. Alumni connect with me one-on-one and get to know me personally. Alumni have introduced me to key contacts in their companies, provided me the opportunity to grow by sharing insights, and given me advice. Every alumni I contacted is nice and helpful, giving me the experience I need to improve myself. You also have the potential to tap into the UC Davis alumni network of more than 250,000+ globally.

4. Tailored career development

UC Davis Graduate School of Management has a strong career development team that tailors its services to each student. The Career Development Team has helped me to plan for my future, strengthen my job-hunting skills and connected me with my target companies. Because of the small class size, the team is able to dedicate themselves to each student. They’ve helped me uncover what industry I wanted to be in post-graduation, connected me with alumni in the field, and highlighted the skills I needed to improve. With their help, I was able to secure an internship in early November and accepted into the Leadership Development Program in AT&T.

The UC Davis MBA is a small, but mighty program. I found my home here, and I hope you will too.