Tournament of Champions Winter Wrap up

Tournament of Champions Winter Wrap Up

The blog post that follows is based on true events.
None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Last Friday night, music fans gathered to hear their favorite songs performed by complete amateurs. The first years, feeling the strain of back to back midterms, put together a band at the last minute, confident that two hours of practice would be enough. The second years on the other hand had tryouts, nightly band practice, costumes and (I kid you not) back up dancers.

The first match up was between the unnamed band of Sam Wainer, Jake Peterson, Kara Salzman and Erdem Savasir, and The Business Casualties: Alli (G. Show) Lathrope, Zack (Risky Business) Wolf, Marianne (Venture Vixen) Chatterton and Jon (The Black Schole) Mesh. After three songs it was clear the practice had paid off as the second years took the win and 50 TOC points.

The main event pitted the Spencer Johnson Experience (Spencer Johnson, Nicholas Wong, Matt Robinson and Dustin Liang) against the Tangible Assets (Kristen (Def Leverage) Monahan, Kipp (Thor) Riesland, Jonathan (Ladykiller) Pettingill and Andy (The Knightman) Salyards). After the smoke had cleared, the second years, with Andy’s short shorts, eked out a win by a mere 3,000 points (out of a half million) and walked away with the 100 TOC points.

Reeling from their double defeat at Rock Band, the first years put together a dream team of ballers. Lead by Ben Ng the first year team of Spencer Johnson, Dave Flory, Jory Macdonald, Osh Rasmussen, Wayne Leighty, Mark Ellinghouse and Nicholas Wong, shot out to an early lead. With Andy Salyards at the helm, the second year team of Mike Stock, Kipp Riesland, Joe Saltzman, Mitch Jones and Jeff Gleeson, rallied and took a 7 point lead. Then tragedy struck. After what seemed like a routine lay up, Mitch Jones collapsed on the floor. After pulling himself off the court, Mitch heroically waved off paramedics to stay and support his team. With no substitutions and a lot of time on the clock, the second years faced an uphill battle to stay in the game. With the second years unable to rest, the first years capitalized with a few key steals and well placed threes retaking the lead. With the clock winding down, the second years were forced to foul to stop the clock. Up by two, Ben Ng stepped up the line and drained both securing the 100 TOC points.

Even after the come from behind victory, the first years still trail the second years by 80 TOC points. But with a quarter and a half remaining, this tournaments is yet to be decided.

It has been an exciting few days for Tournament of Champions fans, and I want to thank everyone for coming out and participating as a competitor or as a spectator. Special thanks go out to: the Focus Groupie Dancers, Chrissy (I don’t need a nickname) C, Katherine (I’m no BATNA) Johnston, Jamie (You’ve been Briefed) Kitano, and Roadie Mike (Preferred) Stock.


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