Try Before You Buy! – Working Out at the ARC

We just finished up a “Try Before You Buy” Week at our state-of-the-art workout facility on campus, the UC Davis ARC (Activities and Recreation Center). 

Doing well in business school means keeping a balanced lifestyle, and if your balance comes from working out, the ARC is the place you want to be!  Aside from providing an awesome place to play IM sports, the ARC has a ton of different ways for you to sweat away the small stuff. You can work on your jump shot or passing form on the basketball/volleyball courts, exercise in the weight room, try out the indoor rock climbing wall, or play some ping pong with a buddy.

Try before you buy workout at the ARCDuring “Try Before You Buy” Week, take the week to try out the Group Fitness Classes, like spin class, cardio kick box, yoga, or pilates for FREE. Below, second years Brian and Sara relax after a strenuous morning workout – starting the day off right and setting themselves up for success!

Try before you buy workout at the ARCThe ARC makes it easy for your to keep fit, relax, have fun, and meet your fitness goals. And if you are super motivated and an early riser, drag yourself out of bed to Sunrise Cycle at 6:15 am and you might enjoy one of these beautiful sunrises! Keeping sweating and having fun!

Try before you buy workout at the ARCTry before you buy workout at the ARC