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Turning the MBA Dream into a Reality

There is a first step to every dream. Sometimes that dream is so daunting we lose sight of where to begin. 

In this case, pursuing an MBA degree starts with the application process. I’m here to say that first step is actually relatively easy. Contact the business school you’re interested in and just start asking questions. That’s it! Super easy. So why delay?

I can speak from experience. I considered an MBA degree for about 10 years before I finally applied and enrolled. I had my reasons for such a long delay. Once in the program, I realized I really … REALLY … could have used much earlier in my career the tools I gained from the many classes and great faculty members. I was quite proud to graduate in my mid-forties, but I also felt that my “career runway” was much shorter than my younger classmates.

The Difference an MBA Makes

Take negotiations and finance, for example. These are skills are applicable in life and work. I have always had a good head on my shoulders for personal finance and solid knowledge of accounting basics. I even managed budgets and P&L reports before starting the MBA program. However, I didn’t know how to negotiate well or consider higher-level financial decision-making, both of which could have helped me at many points beforehand.

The faculty member who taught negotiations also helps to coach students. I turned to him at least a couple of times about professional challenges, during and after the program. These are just a few of the many ways the UC Davis MBA helped me gain a competitive edge.

Find Your Business Path

As I said, the first step toward the MBA—and for having the best tools in your toolbox sooner rather than later—is actually quite simple. Contact admissions advisors at the school you’re interested in—here at the Graduate School of Management, it’s Joel Pulliam, Jessica Moon and Lauren Anderson—and ask how you can start preparing today to apply.

Give yourself enough time to take the GMAT or GRE, to gather references and to complete application requirements by the deadline. Find out which of our programs and locations best suits you, and ask about our proven placement successes after graduation and alumni return-on-investment.

UC Davis Can Work for You

The Graduate School of Management is easily accessible for most of the Northern California region and our programs are designed to meet your needs. Each of our degree programs, from the Full-Time MBA and our part-time Sacramento and Bay Area MBAs, to our Master of Science in Business Analytics and the Master of Professional Accountancy, can help accelerate your career. You can focus on becoming a professional accountant or take a leap into a highly coveted and well-paid business analytics career.