Turning Passions into Business: Two MBAs Share Their Story

Turning Passions into Business: Two MBAs Share Their Story

As MBAs, we love to turn our passions into business. The GSM is a great place to help us do so. Two first-year students, Kevin Mendenhall and Eric Tang, have always been passionate about beer.

After becoming co-presidents of the Wine Business Consulting Club (now, the Wine and Beer Business Consulting Club), Kevin and Eric have really learned a thing or two about the beer industry. Eric tells us more about their experiences:

It has been almost 2 months since fellow first year Kevin Mendenhall and I started interning for alumnus JE Paino at Ruhstaller Beer, and we both enjoy every minute of it. We met JE through the mock interview program in the Fall when he interviewed us for a brand management role at Ruhstaller Beer.

As homebrewers, Kevin and I were particularly interested when JE mentioned that he had some projects at Ruhstaller that we could work on. One thing led to another and now we are learning about the business end of the beer industry in an engaging startup environment.

Interning at Ruhstaller has given us a great opportunity to apply the knowledge we gain in class to projects that have a real impact on the business. From providing feedback about marketing materials, to designing projection models, to designing innovative new projects, the internship has been a fantastic learning process. It also doesn’t hurt that Ruhstaller uses locally sourced ingredients to makes some amazing beers!

Coming into the GSM, the one thing that we are always encouraged to do is to network. This Ruhstaller internship is a great example of networking gone right!