A Typical Day in the Life of an MBA…

A Typical Day in the Life of an MBA…

Ever wonder what a typical MBA’s student day like? Before deciding to pursue my MBA I heard different stories from different graduates and it’s all true! Everyone here at the GSM is busy one way or another.

A Typical Day

9am-12pm – Class
12pm-1:30-Ate lunch and researched for an upcoming interview
1:30-2:30-Met with career services to talk strategy about my interview and what points I needed to improve upon.
2:30-3:00—-Hungry…snacked (I know, I know, I eat a lot)
3:00-4:00 Job Club-Brainstormed ideas for my upcoming interview
4:00-5:30- Rock climbing at the gym
5:30-7:00-Cooked dinner for Chinese New Year
7:00-9:00-Ate dinner, hung out with friends, got shot (water gun) in the back (will elaborate in a future blog)
9:00-12:00-Study for a marketing mid-term.

I do get Thursdays and Fridays off, (which messes up my weekend because I think Friday is Saturday and Saturday is Sunday) but during my off days I’m either doing school or job/internship related things. So by the end of the week, I’m usually exhausted. This weekend is Snow Day where we all gather up in Lake Tahoe and enjoy the snow. I have another mid-term on Monday so I guess I’ll be reading my books up while I carpool up and down the mountain. Tomorrow is another early day and many of us have club meetings. Where most club officers meet to discuss upcoming club activities. This is just one student’s perspective. A fellow MBA student I know has two internships and holds two leadership roles in two clubs. I can’t imagine what her day is like. I don’t think she sleeps. So that is what my typical day is like.