Why I Chose the UC Davis Master of Professional Accountancy Program

Life after college can be daunting.

There are a multitude of career options to pick from in business. For me, I found accounting by accident. An opportunity fell into my lap to learn accounting on the job. With an introduction to the field and possibilities for career growth, I began to look at options to make accounting my career.

Why I Chose the UC Davis Master of Professional Accountancy ProgramThe only program I looked at was the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Master in Professional Accountancy (MPAc). The program was local, allowing me to continue growing my personal and professional networks.

The 9-month program also fit my schedule. I wanted to find an accelerated master program that would limit my time in between jobs.

And with nearly a 100% career placement rate and proven track record for graduates, the program virtually guaranteed that I would start my new career within a year.

Accounting has many opportunities for vertical and lateral mobility. And with the position I landed at PwC through the Graduate School of Management’s network and relationships with recruiters, I am ready for the next step in my development.

After having made it through the curriculum and graduating, I can confidently say that picking the MPAc program was the right choice.


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