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Why I Chose the UC Davis MSBA Program

Yixin SunMy career goal is to work in high-tech companies in Northern California. Not only is San Francisco a dream place to work with data, it is also a place where I plan to build my family and social network.

I will be coming to the UC Davis MSBA program from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, where I was a research assistant with the Cultural and Organizational Lab. There I developed a passion for data analysis and seized every opportunity to learn advanced quantitative methods.

I choose the UC Davis MSBA program for several reasons:

  • The 10-month Practicum project in the UC Davis program is very practical. Admittedly, summer internship experience would serve as a good stepping stone for me to find a job in the U.S. But after doing research with UC Davis students on LinkedIn, I found that the quality and value of a good Practicum project experience can outweigh an internship. The Practicum project will improve my business analytics and teamwork skills while working with real-world data. 
  • After exchanging several emails with MSBA Executive Director Sanjay Saigal, I learned more about how UC Davis is in conversations with high profile San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies as corporate sponsors of Practicum projects for this fall.
  • I also realized that for business analytics, geographical location counts and the San Francisco area is the hub of the big data revolution, making it the perfect location for the UC Davis MSBA.

Although the UC Davis MSBA is too new to be evaluated in graduate program rankings, the Practicum projects, perfect location and competitive peers combine for a high potential program. I look forward to the experience!


Why I choose UC Davis MSBA

My name is Shaoqian Tang. I have been paying attention to this program since its was launched. When the program was eventually settled down in San Francisco, I was exhilarated. San Francisco is always where I'm looking forward to staying for some time. I prefer northern California, the bay area. Not only does San Francisco has a fabulous natural view, but it also is the hub of big data and high technology, meaning that it is a wonderful place for a graduate student to hunt jobs, especially for students like me who want to pursue a career focusing on analytics. UC Davis has put a lot of efforts into this program, including the rigorous curriculum and the practicum project. I am particularly interested in the project, because it will give an opportunity to touch the real world business using analytics tools. I just can't wait to see it happens. All in all, I am looking forward to my experience in this program, and hope I can be involved in the city, San Francisco.

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