Wine 101 at the GSM

Ok, first of all I just want to preface this blog by saying: We do a lot more at the UC Davis GSM than drink wine and play in the snow — despite what these last couple postings might have you think.

On Thursday, Feb. 4, the Wine Business Club hosted a Wine 101 event, featuring half a dozen wines from all over the world. But what made this event especially great was the insight the club leaders provided before each tasting. The four presenters, a mix of first and second-years who have all worked in the wine industry, went over the biggest wine producing regions, dos and don’ts when ordering wine at restaurants, and even tricks for how to best open bottles of wine. Along with some of the basics, they offered several little known facts about wine. Did you know that the corks used in champagne bottles look almost identical to the corks used for all other types of wine when they’re first put into the bottles? The champagne corks only get their funky shape from the pressure inside the bottle that gets released when the cork is pulled out!

For just a $5 fee, we got to try some really incredible wines: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Orange Muscat dessert wine, Sauvignon Blanc and a sparkling Cuvee. The Cabernet Sauvignon happened to be from the family winery of second-year GSM student Perry Clark, and it seemed to be the favorite of the evening (see photo). I was also a big fan of the Malbec, which sells for just $10. What can I say? It’s a perk going to a business school in a location surrounded by some of the most incredible wine producers in the world!

Wine 101 at the GSMWine 101 at the GSM