High five!

You’re Reading This? High Five!

As time gets near for prospective students to decide on where they will be attending b-school in the fall, I will let the prospectives in on a little secret ritual that business students do on a constant basis: the high five.

Before coming to business school, I think the last time I high-fived someone was in 4th grade (and that’s no hyperbole). Within a month of coming to b-school, however, I was high-fived more than I had ever been in my entire life. “You’re taking economics, too? High five!” “You are from the SF Bay Area? High five!” “Can I borrow a pencil? High five!”

Don’t worry, when you get here, you’ll soon get to know all the jargon. Thankfully, no one’s done the “High five! Up high! Down low! Too slow!” routine yet. (That’s not what we’re about. We’re all encouragement here.)

Also, there are some very important deadlines coming up. First, April 15. Not only does it mark the day that Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 (slick bit of trivia there, no?), it also marks another very important event — deposit day! Prospectives, if you’ve realized that UC Davis is the place for you because of the awesomeness of this school (rigorous curriculum, brand new building next year, incredible profs, tons of leadership opportunities, constant high-fiving) be sure to put in your deposit to become a student here in the fall!

Next, April 18: PICNIC DAY!!! I hope the capitalization and exclamation points shows you how excited we all are for this. Picnic Day is an annual event held here in Davis — a day full of events, food, community, and crazy fun stuff. It’s a big friends and family day, and it’s open to everyone. If you’re in the nearby area (and whether you’ve decided on coming to Davis or not!), you should definitely come! I’m sure there’ll be more on Picnic Day as we get closer to the date. Mark your calendars!