Bay Area MBA Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC)
The council provides a framework for incorporating student ideas into the MBA program, networking with alumni, engaging in philanthropic activities and coordinating extracurricular activities

Mission, Purpose & Objectives


The UC Davis Bay Area MBA Program Dean’s Student Advisory Council (Bay Area DSAC) aims to improve the experience of students in the UC Davis Bay Area MBA Program in order to prepare exemplary business leaders who make an impact in the global marketplace.


The purpose of the Bay Area DSAC is to serve as a liaison between the Bay Area MBA students and the administration of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.


The objective of the Bay Area DSAC is to act as a strategic advisory board to the deans with the intentions of (a) improving the quality, value, and community of the Bay Area MBA Program, and (b) providing a platform for the discussion and action around issues of student concern.

Additionally, DSAC seeks to grow the value of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) in the US and abroad by finding ways to increase the value proposition of the program, and in turn its candidates, for prospective students and potential employers.

Read Bay Area DSAC By-Laws, V1, 3.14.18

By-Laws & Council Descriptions

Read Bay Area DSAC By-Laws, V1, 3.14.18

Please see the BA DSAC Council Roles & Responsbilities, Commitees, 2017-2018 for the responsibilities of each council member.

Current Members

Bay Area DSAC Composite

Members from the Entering Class 2015

Sara Feinberg, Director of Marketing & Commuications

Jillian Holloway, President

Lulu Lin

Ananda Roy, Director of Student Activities and Club Liaison

Members from the Entering Class 2016

Anu Adeboje

Stefan Bergmann, Director of Signature Event (MBA All-Stars 2018)

Melissa Lau, Director of Academic Affairs

Matt Low, Vice President

Members from the Entering Class 2017

Tanuj Mahmood

Ananta Sen

Emily Setoudeh

Connie Xu

Meeting Minutes

BA DSAC Fall Committee Meeting Minutes, November 17, 2017

BA DSAC Fall Administration Meeting Minutes, December 1, 2017

BA DSAC Winter Administration Meeting Minutes, Friday, February 16, 2018

BA DSAC Winter Committee Meeting Minutes, Monday, January 22, 2018

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