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Davis Marketing & Product Management Club
This club is committed to prepare students who wish to enter either a marketing or product management career. We provide related information and resources, and organize events to help students throughout the recruitment process.

Davis Marketing and Product Management club works with students who are passionate about marketing and/or product management career tracks.

About our Club

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance the product management and marketing knowledge and experience. We expose, enrich, and explore the various career options in marketing analytics, product management, and product marketing. We achieve these goals through the speaker sessions, networking events, specialized learning modules, course advisory, interview preparation, analytical workshops like Tableau and MS Excel, and interesting company treks in the bay area.

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Meet our Board

Ayushman Mathur

Ayushman has an entrepreneurial spirit and has worked closely on building/ managing products and processes within the HiTech Industry for the past 6+ years across startups and MNC’s having founded a Virtual Reality content creation startup in India as well. He has a goal to further his product and customer obsession through a focus on Business Analytics and Product Management while at the GSM. His interests include customer experience, new technologies, solutions for global/ communal issues or inefficiencies, learning code, food, billiards and just anything adventurous or sporty!

Over the summer, he is working with leading digital services provider on their sales and product positioning strategy specifically towards Unicorns and Decacorns. Additionally, he is also working with the Hard Tech Fund at UC Davis as a Lead Business Advisor.

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Jingyi Li
Vice President – Analytics and Program Development

Jingyi Li is an MBA candidate, class of 2020, concentrating in Strategy and Analytics. Years of experience in Project Management and Business Development. She has a passion for influencing a cross-functional team to achieve product and project success. She is a highly effective adhesive between clients, products, and services leveraging deep customer empathy. In her free time, she loves traveling to explore the world, meet new people, and hang out with friends for a beer. 

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Rajat Narayan Bhuyan
Vice President – Marketing

Rajat is a 2020 MBA candidate specializing in Marketing and Business Analytics. Rajat is a Mechanical Engineer from National Institute of Technology India. He has six years of Marketing experience in the world’s leading automobile companies. Rajat spent his summer as a Marketing Associate in one of the companies in the online payment industry, adding one more dimension to his marketing experience. Along with that, he loves cooking, watching movies and TV shows. He is all into sports and a State level cricket player in India.

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Andrew Dang
Director – Product Management L&D

Andrew is an entrepreneurial and analytical leader, with a deep interest in games, animation, and education. Before pursuing his MBA, he worked with many startups to innovate on entertainment and designed the Girls Make Games program to encourage diversity in the industry. He’s worn many hats throughout his career from animator to a developer to designer. This summer, he is interning at WB Games San Francisco in product management. 

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