GSM Student Association – MPAc
The GSM Student Association - MPAc ("GSMSA-MPAc") enhances the value of the Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) student experience by creating a collaborative community that facilitates academic, ethical, social and professional growth.

The GSMSA-MPAc provides a framework for generating ideas to improve the MPAc program, networking with alumni, engaging in philanthropic activities and coordinating extracurricular events. 

About our Club

Our Mission

The GSM Student Association – MPAc (GSMSA-MPAc) enhances the value of the Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) student experience by creating a collaborative community that facilitates academic, ethical, social and professional growth. 

Meet Our Board

The GSMSA-MPAc is run by student officers.

GSM Student Association - MPAc Board

Hediberto De Los Santos, PresidentHediberto De Los Santos


Hediberto De Los Santos is a 2020 MPAc candidate. He completed his undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, where he majored in Business Economics and Political Science. As President of the MPAc Board, Hediberto focuses on member participation and promoting extracurricular activities hosted by the MPAc Board. After graduating from the UC Davis MPAc program, Hediberto will begin working as an Assurance Staff for EY in the Sacramento region. In his spare time, Hediberto enjoys playing basketball, playing board games, and watching tv shows such as Grimm. Connect on LinkedIn

Derek Thomas, Vice PresidentDerek Thomas

Vice President

Derek Thomas is a 2020 MPAc candidate and an agriculture enthusiast.  After working in the California Almond industry as an export manager he went back to school to receive his bachelor’s in Managerial Economics from UC Davis in 2019.  Derek loves bringing people together and being involved with his community.  That is why after graduating from the MPAc program Derek will begin working for Gilbert CPA as an accounting associate in the Sacramento office.  Connect on LinkedIn

Brianna Matteucci, Director of CommunicationsBrianna Matteucci

Director of Communications

Brianna Matteucci completed her undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, but is working on her Master of Professional Accountancy degree at UC Davis and will graduate June 2020. Wanting to challenge her creativity and provide interesting new ways to communicate within the cohort, she was excited to take on the role of Director of Communications. As a Sacramento native she is enjoying being closer to home while earning her Master’s in Davis. After graduation, she plans to move once again and work for Deloitte in San Jose. Brianna would love to eventually pursue a career in academia once she has thorough experience in public accounting and help others fall in love with accounting as she did.  Connect on LinkedIn

Amna Raza, Director of External EventsAmna Raza

Director of External Events

Amna Raza is a 2020 MPAc candidate and double-Aggie, having completed her undergrad from UC Davis in 2019 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Accounting. Amna loves to spend time with family and friends, trying new hobbies, and traveling. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career as an accounting associate at Frank, Rimerman + Co in the Bay Area.  Connect on LinkedIn

Johnny Cho, Co-Director of Internal EventsJohnny Cho

Co-Director of Internal Events

Johnny Cho loves to see everyone with a smile. He is a 2020 MPAc candidate that came from Cal State Monterey Bay. He majored in business administration with a concentration in accounting. Johnny loves to cook for his friends and family. His favorite iron chefs are Bobby Flay and Alex Guarnaschelli. He believes the best way to make a person smile is with delicious food. After graduation. Johnny will start his career in public accounting as an audit associate at Ernst & Young’s San Jose office. Connect on LinkedIn

Nicolette Rice, Co-Director of Internal EventsNicolette Rice

Co-Director of Internal Events

Nicolette Rice is a 2020 MPAc candidate with a strong interest in forensic accounting. She completed her undergraduate degree at UC Davis where she majored in Exercise Biology. Although Nicolette enjoyed her major she knew a career in medicine was not the correct career path for her, and on a whim decided to take an accounting class at the local community college. Two years after graduating from Sacramento City College she finally decided accounting was the career for her and is excited to start working at EY Roseville next year as an auditor. When she is not studying she enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching sports and movies, and traveling. Connect on LinkedIn