Sacramento Deans’ Student Advisory Council (DSAC)
The Deans' Student Advisory Council (DSAC) works to ensure that Sacramento students are represented to the Dean and administration.

About Our Club


The Deans’ Student Advisory Council (DSAC) works to ensure that Sacramento students are represented to the Dean and administration.  All members of the council serve as student advocates, communicating the viewpoints and suggestions of their classmates to the Dean.  DSAC also hosts a variety of networking events, career workshops and social gatherings for students to connect with alumni and other students at the San Ramon and Davis campuses. The council also assists the GSM in recruiting students to participate in an assortment of school-wide events including seminars and activities.

Officers & Members

President: Justin Virrey

Vice President of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations: Jesse Rodriguez

Director of Communications: Ankur Bhattacharya

Director of Comittees: Matt Harris

Directors of Endowment/Class Gift Campaign: Joanne Low, Jessica Gunston-Parks, Brian Peterson, Natalie Reyes

Capital Connections Director: Jessica Moon, Hayley Breed

Cross Campus Liaison: Meghan Laffin

Members: Ankur Bhattacharya, Hayley Breed, Matt Harris, Meghan Laffin, Joanne Low, Jessica Moon, Jessica Gunston-Parks, Brian Peterson, Natalie Reyes, Justin Virrey

Events and Activities

Capitol Connections

Every spring DSAC hosts a networking event to connect students with alumni.  This event offers students the opportunity to expand their professional network, gain insightful perspectives from seasoned alumni, and co-mingle with the Davis and San Ramon students.     

Monthly Career Development Presentations

DSAC, along with Chris Dito (Career Development Director), hosts monthly presentations to help students establish their “brand”.  Presentation topics range from interview preparation, maximizing networking opportunities, and self-promotion.     

Career Change Workshops

Ever feel like you are in the wrong industry?  DSAC has developed a new workshop series to help students pivot into their dream job.  Please contact Frances Lessman at for more information.    

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us an email via the suggestions box tool.