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Women in Leadership (WiL)
Women in Leadership (WiL) is an independent student club operated through the Associated Students of Management (ASM) at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management

About our Club

Our Mission 

The goal of Women in Leadership is to convene, connect, support, and develop GSM’s future women leaders and equip them with the tools to succeed through professional, educational, and social activities.

Women in Leadership will achieve this goal by:

  • Developing leadership competencies and creating leadership opportunities for women
  • Cultivating a spirit of collaboration and sharing success
  • Organizing events aimed at mentoring & networking
  • Striving to challenge the status quo
  • Gaining insight into and educating GSM women on professional challenges faced
  • Organizing discussions to help GSM women reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to move higher in their organizations

Board Fellowship Program

The Board Fellowship Program places MBA students, or Fellows, on the boards of partner nonprofit organizations as non-voting or adjunct members. The program expands the pipeline of qualified and experienced young women and men for future roles in business leadership. It also allows students to contribute their skills and time to help solve business challenges faced by partner organizations.

Past and Present Partner Organizations
  1. Puentes, Stockton
  2. Eskaton, Sacramento         
  3. Passive House California, San Francisco 
  4. Valley Vision, Sacramento
  5. Watermark, San Francisco
  6. WEAVE, Sacramento
  7. Women’s Empowerment, Sacramento
Program Update

Board Fellows have been placed and have commenced their duties with their partner organizations.

Meet our Board

WiL Board

Shwetha Chandrashekar

Shwetha Chandrashekar

Shwetha Chandrashekar is a 2020 MBA candidate interested corporate strategy, finance and business analytics. After earning her law degree from National Law School of India University, Shwetha spent six years of her professional life acquiring competencies in the banking, start-up and VC investment ecosystem as a corporate lawyer across a wide variety of industries. Having had the privilege of being mentored by strong and driven women throughout her career, she has gained an understanding of the incredible perspectives women can bring to organizations and as change makers. 

She also serves as a board member of the Associated Students of Management. She will spend her summer as a finance intern at a leading technology company in San Francisco. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, cooking, performing at karaoke nights and board games.

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Stephanie Borgstein

Stephanie Borgstein

Stephanie Borgstein is a 2020 MBA and 2021 MPH dual degree candidate interested in business strategy and finance in the healthcare industry. She also serves as a non-voting board member of PUENTES, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to share opportunities in sustainable agriculture enabling at risk urban families to improve the health, well-being and prosperity of their communities. She will spend her summer as a finance intern at Blue Shield of California. 

After completing her B.S. in Health Science from Boston University, Borgstein worked as a clinical research coordinator at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She currently interns with the Butte-Glenn Medical Society where she is working on improving outreach and awareness of the opioid epidemic in Butte and Glenn counties. She loves to cook in her spare time and also enjoys backpacking and traveling. 

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Megann Kerr
Vice President

Megann Kerr

Megann Kerr is a 2020 MBA candidate focused on consulting and strategy. She has a B.A. in history from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to joining the GSM, she worked with Fortune 500 companies on complex legal strategy as a lead litigation paralegal at Quinn Emanuel—a global business litigation firm headquartered in Los Angeles. Her experience working with exceptionally talented, brilliant, savvy, and down-to-earth women has inspired her to applaud, connect, and support women leaders.

This summer she will work in management consulting as a summer associate at Point B in their San Francisco office. In her spare time, she likes experimenting with cycling, cooking for friends, reminiscing about sailing and the beach, and visiting the UC Davis equestrian center to pet horses’ noses.

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Brittany Baade
Vice President

Brittany Baade

Brittany Baade is a 2020 MBA candidate interested in corporate finance. She has over six years’ experience working in the financial services industry spanning different functions including analytical, advisory, and operational. After completing her B.S. in Financial Management from California State University, Long Beach, Baade worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for a Goldman Sachs firm providing comprehensive financial counseling, tax preparation, and investment planning services to individuals and their families. Prior to joining the GSM, she lived in Germany for two and a half years working for U.S. Army Europe.

She will spend her summer as a Finance Intern within the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group at Intel. In her spare time, she enjoys DJing road trips, posting the trot while horseback riding, shooting hoops, and exploring the world.  

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