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New Ventures

We have helped 1,200 graduate students, postdocs and faculty researchers explore the commercial applications of their ideas and connect them with industry careers and business investors. 

Our alumni have launched more than 50 companies in areas ranging from medical diagnostics to solar power to biodegrable plastics. Institute-affiliated startups have raised more than $90 million in funding.

Institute alumni come from universities around the globe and from a variety of disciplines in science and engineering. 

Below is a sample of current ventures.

Accelerated Medical Diagnostics (AMD) is developing the PlatinDx assay, which provides direct measurement of in vivo tumor responses to a microdose (~1/100th the therapeutic dose) of platinum-based chemotherapy agents such as carboplatin and oxaliplatin, allowing selection of the correct therapy for each patient thus saving suffering and costs on unneeded therapy.

Barobo modular robots provide the flexibility required for advanced research in the field of robotics, mechatronics and machine learning.

Bali Learning Center provides top-quality educational services, including personalized tutoring and SAT prep, for students in central California.

Biochanics provides innovative problem solving for biotechnology, chemistry, and the life sciences.

Driptech provides water efficient irrigation solutions for small-plot farmers in developing nations.

Happy Baby Vending is a 2012 Big Bang! winner. The retail, equipment leasing and product wholesale distribution company that sells eco-friendly items and healthy, all-natural/organic snacks for children 0-5 years old through vending machines, ecommerce, and business to business wholesale.

HemoSonics is a medical device company founded to develop and bring to market innovative diagnostics to quantify and characterize the hemostatic potential of whole blood.

Inserogen is an innovative plant-based manufacturing platform for fast, high-volume, and cost-efficient production of high-value recombinant proteins, such as vaccines and biosimilars.

Intellimed Consulting provides customized marketing strategies and services that deliver value through accelerated market adoption of medical device products.

Mango Materials produces biodegradable plastics from waste biogas (methane) that are economically competitive with conventional oil-based plastics.

Micromidas‘ innovative biorefinery processes convert carbon found in organic wastewater in to degradable and recyclable bioplastics that can be used in place of harmful petrochemical based plastics.

NutriLogix provides personalized nutrition, to help clients optimize their health and wellness.

Optorobotix designs and develops world leading optical trapping and characterization technology for industry and research.

VinPerfect offers a high-performance screw cap closure with a liner that allows winemakers to specify how much oxygen enters a wine bottle over time and, therefore, how their wine ages. Big Bang! Business Plan Competition winner.

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