Concentration Information

Finance is the study of how financial assets are created, traded and valued. Within the Finance/Accounting concentration, you can focus your studies on corporate finance or investment management.

The corporate finance track is designed to teach you the role of accounting in business management, financial planning and decision-making. As a student in corporate finance, you develop your knowledge in areas such as reporting to shareholders, managing costs, creating shareholder value, measuring performance and making strategic accounting and financing choices. Your coursework includes Financial Management, Business Taxation, Corporate Financial Reporting and Incentives and Controls.

If you pursue the investment management track, you learn how to price stocks, bonds, options, futures and other derivative securities.  You learn how to sensibly manage an investment portfolio through courses such as Investment Analysis, Derivative Securities and Financial Management. You develop an understanding of the different approaches used by asset managers.

Possible Career Paths

  • Corporate Finance (Accounting, Auditing, Budget Analysis)
  • Banking (Lending, Securitization)
  • Investment Banking (Underwriting, Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Financial Advising, Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital
  • Portfolio Management
  • Security Analysis

Suggested Finance, Accounting and Related Courses

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