General Management
Concentration Information

The General Management concentration prepares you for a broad range of industries and roles by providing the leadership and management competencies required to progress from mid-level positions in organizations to higher-level positions with increasing managerial responsibility. This focus complements more technical concentrations in business analytics, finance and marketing by providing a broader managerial decision-making context to apply and integrate specific tools and techniques. Students with unique career goals have greater flexibility to design a field specialization within this concentration.

Possible Career Paths

  • Project Management
  • General Management

Suggested and Related Courses

202B Business, Government and the International Economy

203B Forecasting and Managerial Research Methods

206 Decision Making and Management Science

207 Management Information Systems

215 Business Law

246 Negotiation in Organizations

267 Teams and Technology

270 Corporate Financial Reporting

290 Bay Area MBA Executive Leadership Seminar

291 Leadership

291 Topics in Social Entrepreneurship

291 The Causes of Organizational Wrongdoing

200B Managerial Accounting

408 The Business of the Media

290 The Business of Politics

415 Climate Risks and Opportunities

290 Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency

423 Leader as Coach: An Introduction to Coaching Skills for Leaders

426 The Business of Healthcare

291 International Management

429 Detection and Prevention of Asset Misappropriation Fraud in the Workplace

430 Learning from Catastrophes: Lessons for Managers

431 Project Management

291 Corporate Strategy

432 Project Management with Applications in Healthcare

290 The Delicate Art of Persuasion