Consulting Center Client

Chevron Energy Solutions


Chevron Corporation is a fully integrated energy company that employs 62,000 people worldwide through its family of companies, one of which is Chevron Energy Solutions (CES). CES is a recognized leader in innovative, clean energy development. Nationwide CES creates sustainable energy programs that increase energy efficiency and renewable power, reduce energy costs, and ensure reliable, high-quality energy for government , education  and business facilities.

Since 2000, Chevron Energy Solutions has developed hundreds of programs across the United States in energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, and sustainable design.  The company excels at developing, engineering and building innovative energy solutions that give customers control, lowers costs and enhances working environments. 

CES serves a number of markets, including the public sector, comprised of cities, counties, K-12 school districts and community colleges. Through a range of campaigns, initiatives and strategies, the company seeks to position itself as a business advisor and expert in the education and civic markets. For example, CES’s educational offering, Envision, employs energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to create project-based learning opportunities and 21st century learning environments to refocus attention on STEM curriculum, energize communities and move the needle on student achievement.  In addition, the CES cities programs create jobs, secure savings and creates community engagement through building retrofits and city modernization.