Chinmay Sheth, Tim Murray, Graciela Casebeer, Erich Olson , Michael Pan (Nephosity's CEO), Cliff McEnery, Marc Lowe, Shamson Wong
Consulting Center Client

Market sizing and business model analysis

Company Overview

This dynamic small start-up company provides cloud computing solutions for enterprises. It offers pomsets, a workflow management for cloud computing applications.The company also provides consulting services for the deployment and configuration of cloud solutions, which include deployment of a private cloud, configuration of cloud scale technologies in an existing cloud, and design and/or migration of applications into a cloud.In addition, it offers services for analytics, data distribution, dynamic provisioning, machine virtualization, task partitioning, unified messaging, and workflow management applications.

Client Testimonial

given our early stage status, we had very little in the way of a
business plan or financial model.  we sought out the UCD Impact team
to help us kickstart our business development efforts.  the team took
vague business guidelines from us, and was able to formulate a
complete business strategy and 5 year financial projections backed by
solid research.  additionally, it was wonderful that the team was able
to ramp up their work to accomodate our tight schedule.

- Michael Pan, Founder and CEO of Nephosity

Strategic Objectives

  • Market Analysis/Sizing/Competitive Analysis
  • Create marketing strategy to grow customer base internationally
  • Identify market barriers
  • Create case study