Team UCSF – Quentin, Manny, Ernie, Sibi, Joanie, and Lily
Consulting Center Client

UC San Francisco Medical Center
Neurosciences Service Line (San Francisco, CA)

Company Overview

UCSF, located in San Francisco, California, is home to one of the nation’s top hospitals and medical training programs.  Its neuroscience (neurology and neurosurgery) programs are consistently ranked best in the western United States and Top 5 in the nation by US News and World Report.  The world renowned neuroscience specialists at UCSF are experts in research, innovation, diagnosing and the treatment of the most complex brain and spinal disorders.UCSF Neurosciences encompass a variety of services throughout the continuum of care.  Epilepsy, movement disorders, memory, brain tumors, pain, neurovascular diseases, and all brain and spinal disorders are treated here at UCSF.  Their research and medical training programs are far beyond recognized throughout the world.  However, we have opportunities to promote our top patient care programs from the outpatient neurology and neurosurgery clinics to inpatient hospital care.

Project Objectives

  • UC Davis GSM working with the Neuroscience Service Line Director, and the physician champions (chairs and/or medical directors) of the target services to align needs and desires.
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan focused on the various consumer groups.
  • The project would touch on the demographics, disease group, and strategy tailored to each patient group.
  • Develop and execute plans as appropriate

Student Experience

First off, what an amazing project!  This was a real world problem beyond that of costs and revenue.  We used our MBA expertise to assist in launching a health program at UCSF, a world-renowned prestigious health institution. It was rewarding to know that our efforts would ultimately impact the lives of patients that suffer traumatic brain injuries and concussions in the greater SF Bay Area and beyond.

Looking back at the project and the road we had come from the last 10 weeks, it’s easy to see why the GSM implemented the IMPACT curriculum.  The experience and knowledge that we gained was immensely valuable. The nature of the client company and its industry presented a unique and complex set of challenges for the team.  It took a great deal of communications and coordination between the team, Marc, physicians, trainers, and directors.  It was a privilege of ours to work with professionals who are amongst leaders of their fields.  We believe that what really made this project successful was the great relationship we had with each stakeholder and their willingness to collaborate with us.

Naturally, there were ups and downs in the project; in the beginning it seemed like a daunting project with nothing more than the end goal and loose pieces.  Our team of six started out as strangers with different backgrounds, and ended up as one voice speaking the language of healthcare consultants in front of medical professionals.  Together, we figured out the pieces.  Together, we solved the puzzle. 

Once again, thanks to everybody for the opportunity to be a part of this and to represent what it means to be a UC Davis GSM student!