Dean's Announcement

A Message from Dean Currall

Dear GSM Community,

We have all been closely following the sad events at UC Davis on Friday, 18 November, in which campus police pepper-sprayed student protesters. Our university community is shaken, and I value your questions, comments and concerns.

The University of California is a home of free speech, and we support the right of campus citizens to assemble and protest peacefully. UC Davis and the UC Office of the President have initiated thorough investigations of the use of force to ensure that it will not happen again.

On Monday afternoon following the incident, Graduate School of Management students, faculty, staff and some alumni came together in Gallagher Hall for a thoughtful, open conversation about the events. The discussion was informed by our emphasis on ethical, socially responsible leadership, one of the hallmarks of the School. We explored how critical lessons from the appalling incident can instruct us to live in accordance with the School’s values in difficult situations.

These are challenging times that demand leadership, integrity and our collective commitment to dialogue, understanding—and healing. In the coming weeks, our faculty will offer workshops and other opportunities to our students and the campus community to explore how we can move forward as a School, a university and a society.

I invite you to join us in this healing process toward a better, stronger UC Davis community.

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Steven C. Currall
Dean and Professor of Management

For additional information, please visit: UC Davis Campus Protest Page