Degree Check & Candidacy

Candidacy Forms

The deadlines for each quarter are posted on the Academic Calendar. Be sure to complete and return your forms to your Program Manager by the listed dates. Please note: Failure to meet the posted deadline results in the $250 registration penalty being charged to your account and
may result in a one quarter delay in receiving your diploma.

Graduation Requirements: 72 units minimum AND a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better are needed to graduate. Please refer to your respective Student Handbooks if you need further information on graduate requirements.

  • All information must be legible.
  • Complete all forms for candidacy (application form – front and back, worksheet and graduate data sheet).
  • Signatures:  Only your signature is required – on EACH of the three different pages.  (Signature from the Dean will be obtained by Student Services when you have completed your degree.)  No signature is required on the graduate data sheet.
  • Course Information:  Refer to RaPS.  If you have tested out of a core course, please note that on the worksheet.
  • Forms should be submitted no earlier than three weeks prior to the posted deadline.  Forms received any earlier will be returned to students.


  • Diploma is available 20 weeks after the end of the quarter in which you completed your degree requirements.
  • Diplomas are disbursed only through the Office of the University Registrar (not the GSM).  You can request that your diploma be mailed by completing a request form (PDF) and submitting directly to the Office of the University Registrar or, if you prefer, it can be picked up in person at 12 Mrak Hall.

Concurrent Degree Students

The GSM will accept up to 12 units of coursework from your other degree toward our 72 unit degree total.  These “shared” units must be approved in advance.  Please see the GSM Registrar for details.

The exception is the MBA/JD.  See details below:

MBA/JD Joint Degree
Required Courses:
200A – Financial Accounting
201A – Individual and Group Dynamics
201B – Organizational Strategy & Structure
202A – Markets & the Firm
203A – Data Analysis for Managers
204 – Marketing Management
205 – Financial Management & Policy
252 – Production & Operations Management
268 – Articulation & Critical Thinking
440A, 440B – Projects Course

Electives: 27 quarter units of MGT elective course work
Jt. MBA/Law students may not take 215 or 264 for credit toward the MBA.

Minimum GSM units required: 57 MGT units

10 semester units of law course work will count toward the MBA.