292 Banking and the Financial System

This course will analyze the role of financial markets and financial institutions in allocating debt capital. The major focus will be on bank lending, debt securities and on innovations in the financial markets. The functions of commercial banks, investment banks, and other financial intermediaries will be covered, and aspects of the regulation of these institutions will be examined. Real world case studies and guest speakers representing various elements of the financial system will be integral components of this course and help evaluate the gaps between theory and reality.

Your performance assessment will be based on your achievement and engagement in the course. Your preparedness and involvement in each class, including timely and in-depth completion of all reading and problem assignments, are critical to your success. It is expected that all students will maintain the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior. Financial markets, institutions and money touch our lives daily. At the conclusion of this course you’ll have an understanding of how these three elements were meant to function and interact in our system, as well as insights into their evolving roles today and tomorrow.