297 International Study Trip

Destination: Switzerland

This class is designed to help develop knowledge, skills and desire to do business in the international marketplace. Each time, we pick a new part of the world to study that reflects some special opportunity. The course will begin with discussion of importance of international business and theory of Comparative Advantage and the continued trend towards globalization. The class will follow up with appreciation of spectrum of key cultural parameters: individual independence or group conformity; hierarchical or flat societies; feeling or thinking decision-making; implicit or explicit communication styles; legal contracts or personal relationships; etc. We will discuss how these cultural tendencies shape business practices. Next we’ll build an appreciation for international risk by discussing corporate governance, foreign exchange fluctuations, political/economic infrastructure, taxation policies, and sovereign credit ratings. We’ll use case studies to enhance discussion of theories.

Note: Students who have previously taken IST may register for a second time, but they will have the lowest priority in terms of registration.  That is, even if you are in your third year in the program, and can register early, if you have taken the course previously, you will be put on the end of the line in terms of registration priority.