Coffee Chat with Bay Area Part-Time MBA Admissions Rep

  • December 08, 2021 11:00am - 2:00pm

Join Associate Director of Admissions Brian Risi to explore your MBA options and learn first-hand about the nationally ranked University of California, Davis MBA program. Discover the answers you are searching for in a relaxed, informal setting.

  • What does it take to advance your career while attending MBA graduate courses on the weekends?
  • How does an MBA strengthen your professional network?
  • Are there questions you have about an MBA you have always wanted to be answered?

Attendees will qualify to have their application fee waived.

As our continuous Campus Ready efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, please review and adhere to our Campus Ready Bay Area Campus Safety Procedures before the event. 

Our MBA Vibe

Why a UC Davis MBA?

There are countless benefits to earning an MBA. From moving up the career ladder, to gaining the skills you need to switch fields or start your own business, an MBA opens many new professional doors to you.

Our programs are offered at the UC Davis campus, the San Francisco Bay Area—the world’s foremost hub of innovation, in Sacramento—California’s thriving state capital, and the University of California's first online MBA.

  • Personal attention from the No. 2 ranked faculty in the world.
  • Industry Immersions that tap UC Davis corporate network and trailblazing research strengths.
  • Collaborative Leadership Program that will prepare you to lead teams in today’s complex global business world.