Don’t Toy with Trust
Robert Eckert, Chairman and CEO, Mattel

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Robert Eckert, Chairman and CEO, Mattel

“Don’t Toy with Trust

About Robert Eckert

If you didn’t know he was one of the titans of industry, you’d think Robert Eckert was just a down-to-earth Midwesterner from Elmhurst, Illinois. He comes across as someone’s favorite next-door neighbor – genial, laid back, soft spoken, yet solid and exuding a warmth of spirit that draws you to him. He may be head of the world’s largest toy maker, but you think to yourself – this is a guy I could trust.

And in these disheartening times when we see more and more evidence of untrustworthy behavior from politicians, the news media, companies and their top executives, it ignites a flickering light of hope to hear words like “truth,” “honesty” and “integrity” spoken with heartfelt sincerity from this humble Midwesterner.