Edward Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, CHIC Group
"Open Innovation around Global Business with China"

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About Edward Zhu

Zhu has more than 20 years of global business experience including as an entrepreneur, a leader, a financier, an investor, a supply chain management expert and the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CHIC Group.

Established in Shanghai China in 1996, the group today is a global company.From its humble beginning as a freight-forwarding and logistics company, it has grown and evolved into a diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries in sectors including food, agriculture, home and garden products, medical equipment, supply chain management solutions and execution, and integrated rural urbanization development.

In 2012 the CHIC Group signed an historic agreement with UNESCO to form the Biosphere Integrated Rural-Urbanization community investment and development project (BIRUP) as a global demonstration for Sustainability and Man & Biosphere Harmony, which was the first time in UNESCO’s history that such a partnership with a Chinese private enterprise was formed.

The CHIC Group is a SIMIS company, providing Solutions, Investments, Management, Innovation and Services to its chosen strategic partners worldwide. The group is positioned on top of end-to-end supply chains and aims to create economic value for its strategic partners.

As CEO, Zhu leads the group, its global vision and develops key strategies, policies and systems, while being a role model for the company’s culture. With management and leadership experience in the U.S. and in China, Zhu has built the CHIC Group into a leading edge company whose clients and corporate partners are brand leaders in their respective industries including Del Monte, Heinz, SPC, Spectrum Brands and Yum.

He is a sought-after speaker and was invited to Summer Davos for the third year to lead discussions on “Creating the future economics,” “The future of the rural economy,” “China turning into a nation of consumption” (CCTV)  and “The New Growth Compass” (CNBC). Zhu has made keynote speeches at the United Nations conference on sustainable development, at the China International Agribusiness forum, at the Euro-China forum and at the Ecological civilization of Guiyang conference, amongst others. In 2013 he received the ‘Top 10 Economic Trendy People of 2013 in China’ Award and the ICS’ Future Lighting Award.

Zhu holds an executive MBA degree with honors from the China European International Business School in Shanghai, where he is also a frequent guest lecturer on EVA, and sits on the CEIBS advisory board. In 2009 Zhu won the Outstanding Contribution Award at CEIBS, the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the “Best CEIBS Alumnus of the Year 2011” award. His various innovative ways of sponsoring CEIBS and the LDF program (CHIC’s MBA Leadership Development Fund) created a sustainable sponsorship model for CEIBS. In May 2012 the CEIBS Alumni Association’s Agribusiness Association was founded at the CHIC Group Headquarters. This association consists of agribusiness elites, and Zhu was elected as its first chairman. The mission of the association is to set up a platform that bridges China and the rest of the world with agribusiness related developments.