EIA Presents Bob Medearis
January 21, 2014 - 4PM-5:30PM @ 3102 Gallagher Hall

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management will host Bob Medearis to share his vast experience on a variety of topics, including intellectual property protection, identifying opportunities, and the impact of regulation on business. However, the bulk of the evening will be spent answering your questions, so come ready to engage. 

The event will include remarks from Mr. Medearis on the topics mentioned above. Mr. Medearis will then take questions from the audience for the remainder of the evening. To encourage lively discussion, Mr. Medearis has asked the event be capped at 30 participants. 
Bob has been a lifelong entrepreneur, with a career spanning several seemingly unrelated industries, from banking/finance to agriculture to real estate. He is currently embarking on his latest venture to help turn cow manure into electricity and soil treatments, while also helping farmers meet strict environmental regulations. Among his many noteworthy accomplishments,

Mr. Medearis founded the $4 billion Silicon valley Bank where he served as Chairman during its formative years from 1983 to 1989. He is a retired Consulting Professor for Stanford University’s School of Engineering and at the University of California Davis, Graduate School of Management. Mr. Medearis is a widely acknowledged expert in the areas of Real Estate, Real Estate Financing, Banking and Entrepreneurship.