Unlocking the Resilient Mindset
A Workshop for Alumni

Stress and uncertainty lurk around every corner these days. What can leaders do when so many things are out of their control? The answer lies in all of us when we choose to intentionally look for it. 

Casey FieldJoin Casey Field MBA 16 to explore what it means to create a truly resilient mindset in times of stress. You’ll discover how to use positive psychology to self-coach your way to feeling more confident in turbulent times now—and long after the trauma of 2020 is over.

Casey Field is a professional coach, entrepreneur and speaker who challenges people to change their story to change their life. For the past six years, he has been partnering with entrepreneurs, coaches, executives and teams to uncover strategies for them to thrive in life and business. Since 2015 he has been traveling the globe, inspiring professionals and collaborating with organizations whose core business is to have a significant positive impact on our global community.