Village Capital Venture Forum
Buehler Alumni Center, UC Davis

Village Capital, in partnership with the UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, invites you to attend the annual Venture Forum.

The event features pitches from the 10 early-stage ventures participating in the VilCap USA Agriculture 2014 program, and includes an audience of investors, mentors, potential customers, and members of the greater community. 

Featured Ventures

  • Agribotix: Makes actionable intelligence for agriculture using drones.
  • Apitronics: Software/hardware platform empowers growers to gather real-time in-the-field data and makes it accessible anywhere.
  • FIN GOURMET: Makes healthy ready-to-eat foods using Kentucky wild-caught Asian Carp and locally sourced fresh ingredients.
  • Iron Goat: Creates pelletized agricultural products directly from standing crops with no fossil fuel.
  • IUNU: Designs energy efficient plasma lights and management solutions to make indoor farming profitable and environmentally friendly.
  • reNature, Inc.: Bioreactor technology processes food waste into fertilizer.
  • FarmX: Personal hydroponic gardening systems targeted to home gardeners.
  • Growcentia: Developing Microbial Biostimulants that enhance plant growth in the face of increasing abiotic stress.
  • TekWear: Apps and software designed for wearable devices targeted for agricultural uses.
  • Wildsense, LLC: Provides product for wireless underground soil moisture sensors and soil moisture information for irrigation management.


Registration is FREE and includes lunch for all attendees. Space is limited.

For more information, please contact Candice Orm at candice@vilcap.com or Niki Peterson at npeterson@ucdavis.edu.