Nicolas Garcia Belmonte Headshot
Faculty Profile

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte

Garcia Belmonte’s work in Visualization spans over 15 years. At Uber, he is Director of Engineering for the Visualization group, a team of computer graphics engineers, information designers and data engineers that support advanced visualization of self-driving car, geospatial and business data.

Prior to Uber, Garcia Belmonte worked at Twitter visualizing data in creative and informative ways showing how big events were lived on Twitter with work featured in the New York Times and Cannes Lions.

Garcia Belmonte is an active speaker at technology and mobility conferences with over a dozen presentations in 2017-Aug 2018. His presentations revolve around his team’s work at Uber building open source frameworks to do creative coding and visualization.

His personal projects cover themes like mathematical modeling, weather / environmental visualization and finding creative visual metaphors to encode information around us. His work has been both published in Academic conferences and exhibited in Art galleries in 2018.

Interests span from information design to computer graphics, covering data journalism, abstract and scientific visualization and data art.

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte holds an MSc. in Computer Science Engineering from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) in Argentina.