Josh Newman
Faculty Profile

Josh Newman

Josh Newman joined the Graduate School of Management as a lecturer in 2018. 

Since 1991, Josh has been working in the tech sector as a serial entrepreneur. He was employee #1 in an automotive technology company, developing electric vehicles and voice-controlled car navigation systems. Later he served as the founder and CEO of three start-ups, including the venture-backed, which was one of four companies that collectively spent $400 million in the storied “pet wars” of the first / dot.bomb era. His current start-up is a natural language data analytics company based in Davis (

In the 2000’s, Newman was an Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, where he co-taught several undergraduate classes on organizational behavior. He also has worked extensively with student teams, having hosted several on various projects in his companies. Other work experience includes a stint as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, and working in the California Legislature on technology policy.

Newman is passionate about building companies with innovative technologies that can have a positive social impact while achieving substantial commercial success.  For the past 15 years he has found this combination by focusing on the educational technology sector.

He is an Aggie, having received a B.A. from UC Davis with a self-designed major in Intellectual History.  He also received an MBA from Harvard University.  Josh lives in Davis with his family, rides his bike through campus every day while commuting to work downtown, and enjoys employing several UCD students, including a recent MBA graduate of the GSM.